friday 1st, Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd November 2019


We' are asking people to think of interesting and inspiring ways to....Remember the dead

A central element of the festival is the offer of diverse and safe spaces  and ritual which allow the bereaved from all walks of life to remember the dead in a gentle and beautiful way.  

Inform the living about end of life

Creating lively, interesting and safe opportunities for people to ask the questions (including the difficult ones) and be informed so they can prepare for their own deaths and of those they love.  We are hoping a number of talks will be curated. 

Inspire and uplift through arts and performance

Like life, death brings with it great pain and great beauty and sometimes, great comedy. Music, art and performance are able to capture these qualities and reconcile them for us in a way that is deeply healing. 

We are hoping to snare a fabulous headline act for the Saturday night....and there will definately be music! If we can get some theatre, poetry, comedy and art in too we will!

Buildi community and create connections

Creating opportunities for people to share experience is a key goal of the festival - death cafe's will be part of this...

We are piloting a model for how this can be done in a sustainable, fun and free way!

The festival has adopted the organisational model of 'distributed organising'. This model avoids the pitfalls of centralized models, enabling the initiative and creativity of the contributors (venues, groups or individuals wishing to offer an event), whilst safeguarding the core aims and principles of the Festival. These are inclusion, diversity, transparency, respect, safety and free at the point of entry. We are currently inviting contributions and talking to a number of venues that have expressed an interest. 

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across glastonbury and wells and shepton mallet, somerset

we will be updating this website as plans develop