Do I need to get tickets for events?

No. The festival has a no barrier to entry policy. Some events  for example have restricted numbers. You will need to contact contributors (details with event listing on facebook) or the venue directly. Some events can not be offered this way and they are listed in the 'Also' section.

Is the festival free?

Yes, and no. You will not be asked to pay on entry; but you will be asked to consider what the value of the experience was to you, what you can afford and make a contribution before you leave ; whether that's your promise to return to help clear up later ,or a cash contribution of 5 pence or £1,000. 

What if I get upset?

All feelings and their expression are welcome here. Death and dying bring with them all the emotions, sadness, anger, hope and joy, and we welcome them all. Listeners at all the venues will be there to companion you if you want it.

Can I bring children?

Children are welcome, it is entirely parents choice if they feel any particular event is appropriate for their child. 

On Sunday  3rd November at the Art Bank in Shepton Mallet there are 2 Dead Good Puppet shows and workshops for famillies at 12 noon and 3pm.

How do I find out more about events?

Detailed information in individual events is available on Facebook.  You don't have to be on facebook to see an event listed. If you want to book a place at the event but are not on facebook contact the contributor whose website or email address ought to be visible...we hope..

How accessible are the venues?

The Red Brick Buildings, St. Cuthbert's and the Elim Connect Centre are wheelchair accessible. There are a one or two steps into the Art Bank. The Goddess House is up a flight of steps. There are accessible toilets in the Elim Connect Centre and Red Brick Buildings.For more information about the venues and  affiliated events contact venues directly. 

How is the festival funded?

Somerset has kindly donated £1,200 which has gone to pay for publicity materials. The Festival is in the process of becoming a charitable association. The members will continue to raise funds to finance the festival Hub. 

Contributions collected during the festival will be distributed between venues and contributors according to need and agreements.

What will happen to the collected funds?

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