Festival of death and dying

The event is now closed for 2019

There were over 47 events across Glastonbury, Wells and Shepton Mallet all provided on a pay what you can basis

Red Brick Buildings

Friday 1st

Festival of death and dying

'We remember. Ceremony, sound and music to cherish the Dead'

Singing into the Darkness

A candelit evening of music 

 From 8m til late


Theo Simon
Dora Darling
Nathan Lewis Williams Shannon Smy
Tina Bridgman
Rohan White
Stevie P

Curated by Stevie Pea

Bocabar will be open for food and drink 

Sunday 3rd



What we never talk about

A conversation about living and dying

Carolyn Tovey        reception space  11am-5pm

Crystal bowl  and  candle lighting ceremony 

calling the names of the dead. 

Tim Knock        Event space     11am-12

Community Grief Tending Ritual

Gail Davidson     Event space          1-5pm

Grief and Gratitude: finding life 

after death

Talk 1-2pm. Writing circle 2-4pm

Tegwyn Hyndman   Morland Room     

Companion Voices

Celia Libera  Morland Room       4-5.30pm

Stairway to the Stars

One woman show by Diana Milstein

Event space 6-7pm

Goddess House


Friday 1st

Make your end of life plan

Jane Diamond        10.30-5.30

Return of the Death Priestess

Bee Helygen             5.45-7.15

Saturday 2nd

The death conversation, with kids

Sacha Langton-Gilks shares her experience    


Reclaiming Halloween

Eshter Loehnis                     1.30-4.30

The Angel of death & Dragons March

Marisa Picardo and the Glastonbury Dragons 

Red Brick Building

Morland Enterprise Park, 

Morland Road, 

Glastonbury  BA6 9FT

01458 899564

Goddess House

28 Magdalene St, 

Glastonbury  BA6 9EJ

01458 899043

Sweet Track Centre

 44a High St 


The Art Bank

Friday 1st


Death friendly cafe space for open conversation


Touch therapies for the end of life  Dorothy House Hospice demonstrates  - also information point        10-12pm

Keys to the Golden City

Vicki Burke takes us on a musical journey placing death in the cycle of life that our ancestors understood


 'How did we become so death phobic?' Talk by death doula and soul midwife Mike Grenville  3..30-4.30pm

Dead good music with death friendly bar for open conversation


Saturday 2nd


Death Cafe : a space for open conversation with       

end of life doula Mirka Stadtruckerova 10-12pm

The English Book of the Dead

David Marteau   

What exactly is Dead? When his 21 year old son died David needed to find out.  1-2pm then Q&A

The Opportunists  - Novelist Andrew Miller reads from his book the Opportunist 3-4pm

Death friendly space for open conversation

 Cafe 10am-4pm

Sunday 3rd


Tallulah Swirls Puppet Theatre 

Mexican day of the dead puppet show and workshop to make your own shadow puppet.  For families aged over 4yrs 

Booking essential as limited spaces

2 showings  12-2pm &  3-5pm

Art Bank Voices

Spoken word and performance from an array of different performers- singing, story telling, puppetry and spoken word. 


Death friendly bar for open conversation


Art Bank

13 High St, 

Shepton Mallet  BA4 5AD

email info@artbank.org.uk

07814 678356

Elim Connect Centre Saturday 2nd


'Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust, bodies, graves and beyond, everything you need to know'

DEATH CAFE SPACE  10.30-3.30

Elim hospitality and safe space to talk

DEATH FAIR                 10.30-2.30

Juli Moran DIY funerals, do it your way

Amanda Rayner wicker coffins

Angela Ward Green funerals and the greenest way to go

Nicole Stansfield-Calle shroud wrapping demonstrations

Holly Lyon Hawk  Care of the body, relearning a natural rite of passage

Sue Brayne The D word - how to talk about death

Matthew Billington More than just a tomb stone

Bee Blake  Make your own river of life

Anna Dyson Ashes to Art


Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. Everything you wanted to know about death, dying and beyond and didn't like to ask.

Light and Sound Installation to remember and reflect 8.30am -7pm

Illumination of names and specially commissioned sound recording  of local people reflecting on their experiences of death and dying in the Lady Chapel 

Chukumeka Maxwell talks 3.30-4pm

How talking prevents suicide by the Founder of Action to Prevent Suicide in the education room in the cloisters (song school)

All Souls service including those affected by suicide 5.15-6pm

The traditional service to remember the deceased but for the first time ever 'warmly and explicitly' including those died by suicide and those who work to prevent this most preventable of deaths. 

Lantern procession and gathering on Cathedral green 6-6.30pm

Festival goers will start from Elim Connect Centre pass by St.Cuthbert's and process up the High St meeting up with the crowd from Shepton Mallet and Glastonbury. The Cathedral will open its great west doors at 6.30 in welcome. 

St.Cuthbert's Church Friday 1st for Young People

Help me get through this'

Festival of death and dying

An all day drop in space dedicated to young people who want to explore and share experiences and feelings around suicide, death, and mental health.

(workshops all day)

Cafe space open all day for honest conversation

Doors open 12 noon, close 9pm

Award winning barber


Cutting edge barber Tom Chapman started the Lion Barber's Collective to raise awareness of the role barbers play in suicide prevention amongst men

He will cutting hair for young people for free 12-5pm.

Learn how to express your feelings in shape, colour and form. No skill needed just an open mind with Nicola Ley 


DJ death set

Festival of death and dying

'When I was 17 my best friend was killed in a motorbike accident. It was the hardest thing ever. This set is dedicated to Mike and all the friends and family we've, all of us,  ever lost.' DJ Celine DiJOn

Soundcloud link

Sounds throughout the day and death set 7-9pm with Jae Willis

19 year old Olive Howland Milne shares her thoughts


Everybody has a body, even when they're dead - 19 year old Olive Milne explores cultural norms and beliefs around dead bodies.

Sew, remember, reflect

Bring the clothing of someone you loved and died or embroider their name in an artwork being made on the day - all day

How nature helps

Festival of death and dying

Deb Millar is a forest school  leader. In this workshop she explains the simple ways nature can help us .

Be part of the solution

At the end of the day, thoughts and ideas for an emotionally resilient future for young people will be shared 8-9 p


St. Cuthbert's Church Saturday 2nd All Ages

Dedicated space for creative approaches to suicide survival and prevention and peer to peer support


All that was never said.                        SATURDAY 10-5pm

Creative explorations of grief and resilience for 

people of all ages affected by suicide.  

The Healing power of writing. Emma Craigie       10-12am

Building Resilience with Qigong   10-11am

Mark Pogson                  

Make a memory box with meaning                  

Kate Dorsett                        11-1pm


Sing Your Heart Out - songs that tend to grief and joy

(Open to non-singers and singers)   Maya Love   11.30-1pm  

Let’s talk about Suicide  Why talking matters   

Chukumeka (Chukes) Maxwell         

from Action To Prevent Suicide 12.30-1.30pm

The Sacred Journey to the Last Breath

Interactive and creative workshop

Simon Gardiner soul midwife  2-3.30pm 

What Words Can't Say

A Dance & Movement workshop 

Viv Gordon          2.30-4.00pm

 Where do we go from here?

 Interactive session  lead by   Tim Jacques & Karen McAree    4-5pm     

DEATH CAFE OPEN for honest conversation all day.

Give the clothes of the dead a life beyond by stitching them into a new altar cloth being made over the two days by embroidery artist Charlotte Macmillan, who makes costumes for Boy George and John Grant.

When someone you loves dies, what do you do their clothes? For some disposing of the dead clothing can be a real source of distress. 

"There is an alternative to getting rid of all the clothes or keeping them boxed', says Charlotte, 'Make them into an artwork.' 

Charlotte will be a creating an new altar cloth for St.Cuthberts' Church.

'I will be sewing on site, a large altar piece made entirely from these donated items of clothing. It will be a community based artwork that can be thought of as a bereavement process;

 'As we stitch and plan the piecing of these clothes, we will remember and memorialise the person who inhabited them.'

There will be the opportunity to work with Charlotte on this piece by hand sewing or embroidering personal messages into the cloth. At the end of Saturday, the Day of the Dead, the piece will be completed and available to view in the Church itself.

Elim Connect Centre


Wells  BA5 2BE

01749 677097

Wells Cathedral

Cathedral Green, 

Wells  BA5 2UE

01749 674483

St Cuthbert's Church

St Cuthbert St, 

Wells  BA5 2AW

01749 676906

This Body of Grief @ Sweet Track Centre

Explore how grief is expressed and released through movement and posture with Kate Bee.

A chance to explore how our posture influences our emotional states, and how we can influence our emotional states using different postures and gestures. This is gentle but powerful work that most people can easily relate to. 

Friday 1st 7.30-9.30pm

and also...

Bring your dead to Bridie's yard


A "Day of the Dead" or "Dia de los Muertos" style altar is to be constructed at Bridie's Yard Community Room on Thursday 31st ready for Fri 1st. There will be space for folk to put their photos of loved ones and small offerings drink/food/object/flowers/candles/incenses to share with their departed ones. 10-6pm

On Saturday 2nd Nov we will have the afternoon and evening for warm fire, soup, shared foods & drinks, celebrating and being with the altar, and showing the great Dia de los Muertos animated film "Coco" and possibly more in-theme movies. Bring a log and something to share.

Sunset till late

Bridie's Yard, Northover Buildings, Beckery Old Rd
Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9NU

Dance with the dragons on Glastonbury High St


Glastonbury keeps the ancient Celtic traditions of Sawhain alive with Morris Dancers, dressing up and dragons which process up to the Tor.

Entertainment will start in town at approximately midday and continue until our Dragons and Winter King Gwyn Ap Nudd arrive at the Market Cross in the late afternoon.

More information

Saturday 2nd 12pm (ish)

All Souls service including those affected by suicide

Festival of death and dying

The second time in history that a Cathedral has explicitly named survivors of suicide to be 'openly and warmly' remembered in the traditional evensong service @Wells Cathedral. 

Saturday 2nd 5.15-6pm

The sound and light installation will be open from 8.30 am - 7.30pm

The Book of Jo - a new play by Viv Gordon

Festival of death and dying

 Art bank Shepton Mallet 

What happens when life falls apart?

How can we maintain hope when the worst happens?

And why do bad things happen anyway?

Friday 1st 7.30-9pm

You will need to a buy a ticket to go to this event

Dragonsfly Live at the Art Bank Masquerade Ball

Festival of death and dying

Dragonsfly play at the Art Bank with a callling of the ancestors beforehand.

Saturday 2nd  7-12pm

You will need to a buy a ticket to go to this event

The Vineyard Church open for comfort and prayer

Festival of death and dying

Don and Lynne Hart lost their son through suicide and aim to bring comfort and hope in a to anyone who has
struggled with depression or suicidal thoughts or who has lost someone close to
them by suicide 

 VIneyard Church 

Saturday 2nd  

Open Venue. Light a candle 3-5pm

Service of Remembrance 4pm