In addition to all the wonderful contributors listed on the programme we would like to thank the team who worked hard in the background to make this event possible this year including...

Jacinth Latta 

Production and media support and being there whenever I have an SOS 

Phillip Welch 

For patient promotions planning and media

Liz Pearson 

Local marketing and showing how welcome should be done

Charlie Hazlewood

For lending his wisdom in planning, advising, moral support and catering

Pat Hood 

Taking care of the organiser’s family so she could get on with organising.

James Nagle 

For lending his speakers to the Calling of the Names event.

Jason Bryant

For going above and beyond and getting the festival into the media 

Traci Postings: 

for creating our volunteer handbook


Admin at St Cuthbert’s.  So helpful and friendly.


For IT, tea and great ideas 


The Vicar for letting us use St Cuthbert’s

Claire Cowlin,

For agreeing to be a volunteer

Diana Greenfield

Advice, putting me in touch with Rachel Edgecombe.  

Rachel Edgecombe

Great support and suicide prevention advice.  Put me onto Lions Barber Collective.  

Sarah Curl

Chaplain at the Blue School. advice and inviting us to Blue School Mental Health Awareness Fair.

Deb Millar

Listening, helpful opinions, being a good friend, agreeing to give a presentation, even when totally overloaded.

Kate Dorsett

For our walks, where I can rant about suicide, and the gaps in the programme. 

Magnus Dennis, Floss Barnett-Howland: Olive’s aunt,Mags 

Going above and beyond, trying to get the video mapping of Wells Cathedral to happen.  Floss keeping me sane.  Lovely friends.

Emma Donavan

Putting Caroline in touch with Jenny Hartnoll, Mendip Health Connector.  Being a good friend.

Floss Love

Helping to write stuff around suicide.   

Helpers at St Cuthberts:

Sharon Kaplan

Chloe Forfitt

Ray Powell

Helen Bishop

Kate Elgood

Gallena Soutar (& Anne)

Gail Mackenzie

Nigel Cowlin

Olivia Cliff

Ruth Gavenlock from Young Somerset

Emma Cummings, Somerset Suicide Bereavement Service

Simon Gardiner and family.

Thursa Wilde

Media support, writing press articles to promote FoDaD, being a friend, great advocate and for volunteering during the festival 

Martin Silburn 

Kindly lent me his badge making machine,  so badges could be made for FoDaD.

Gracie HazelBerry Inman-Smith 

For giving me (Rachel) the courage and for our little life path together through eternity.

Pearl Heather Inman-Smith 

For giving me the courage and for our little life path together through eternity

Sophie Docker 

For your work on the open edge of love, community, communication and conflict and for your help with getting our heads around Financial Co-responsibility.

Jady Mountjoy 

For being my beautiful friend and offering to support throughout the event.

Tegwyn Hyndman 

For our connection, love and friendship and for holding my hand through the strange and turbulent waters of child death.

Stevie P 

For his gifts of music and humanity.

St Cuthbert’s Church Community

All the volunteers & contributors press ganged into being part of the event at St Cuthbert’s!

Goddess Temple Community 

For offering up the Goddess House to use as a venue for this year’s festival 

The Elim Connect Centre Community

All who sail in her for their unending support and love and the use of our Community Building.

The Red Brick Building Community

The staff and Board for supporting the festival of death and dying and for the use of our wonderful community resource. 

Shops and cafés in Wells that promoted the Festival: 

Zen Computers, Good Earth, City News, Town Hall, Coffee 1, Fosse Lounge, Waterstones, Cafe Nero, Costa and the YMCA.

Shops and cafés in Street that promoted the Festival: 

Mendip Mobility, Cat Protection, Milk No Sugar cafe, Nicky at Bojangles hair salon, Russe Barber and the Family Dental Practise. 

Shops and cafés in Glastonbury that promoted the Festival: 

Haruka, Oxfam, Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury Music Shop, The Washing Well, Heartland Tattoo and Bagend 

Shepton Mallet Tourist Information

Thanks and praises to everyone alive and dead, whoever listened to me, loved me, held me, encouraged me and talked to me about death and dying and life and living. Rachel