festival of death and dying 2019

Our aim


We have a vision of a death-friendly society in which death is shared and understood and the lives of those who have died are celebrated. By building a model of a free  community led annual celebration of death and dying here in Somerset we hope the idea will spread across the country.

Who are we?


We are a group of people from the area with a passion to create a death friendly society. We are not 'experts' just individuals who have come together to make this happen.

Plans for 2019


These are underway! We are working towards another fabulous programme of events this time across the south Mendip area over the weekend of Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th November.


Because death

and not talking about it causes many problems. It deprives the dying of the best possible death and isolates the bereaved.

is the one thing

And we can all do something about 

we all share

by talking...

plans for 2019

remember the dead

Complete a passage of remembrance, plant a flower,in a 'white' garden, leave a message 

build a shrine 

share grief

explore death

Combat fear by exploring the realities and opportunities of death in creative ways

be inspired

Music, poetry, art and standup will make you cry with sadness and with joy in the fascinating world where life meets death

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